corporate & social

The subject matter that DN{c} photographs varies from industrial premises and social development, through to people, products and processes, as well as corporate events and personnel.

  • » photoreporting & documentation - from first strike to completion, DN{c} will track the progress of your project from a social, enviromental as well as technical stand point.
  • » social photography - for use in public relations & communications materials, such as social media, newsletters & magazines, to tell meaningful stories.
  • » corporate advertising/marketing - for use in marketing materials & advertising campaigns
  • » corporate product photography - for use in marketing materials & advertising campaigns
  • » corporate events & personnel - DN{c} has professional photographers to record events or special occassion and company personnel.

publication design,
management & consultancy

DN{c} can manage the production of any publication from start to finish. Our services include:

  • » magazine/newsletter design, management
    & consultancy -
    DN{c} is able to aid your magazine in acheiving success through our years of experience in working with magazines in the Lao PDR. Our services enable your magazine to target its market audience through market place positioning; concepualisation & idea creation; content creation & consultancy; planning & management; design & layout; and print production.
  • » publication/report design, management
    & consultancy -
    DN{c} can manage the production of your publication including full language editing; original, creative design and layout with exciting cover designs & eye catching, accurate graphs/charts/figures; high quality photographs; design & layout; and printing.

print management
& consultancy

DN{c}’s consultants have over ten years of printing experience in the Lao PDR and Thailand, our work has taken us from small scale screen-printers on the banks of the Mekong River, to state of the art 6 plate Heidelberg offset printers in Bangkok, no job is to large or to small.

We have intrinsic knowledge of how to prepare artwork for printing, and also the pit falls that can occur, from blurry films resulting in unclear type to how total ink limits affect different types of designs and paper.

  • » print liaison and management service - DN{c} can manage all types of print jobs from offset printed A3 hard backed and sewn books, to 4 page gatefold brochures as well as all types of products, packaging and point of sale materials.
  • » print consultancy services - DN{c} can advise you on the best printing method for a particular job from paper type, to final size of printed materials. We can maximise quality while minimising costs.

graphic design
& illustration

One of DN{c}’s core services is graphic design, we design everything from posters and logos to vehicle wraps and event booths. We also provide full art direction and illustration services.

  • » art direction & illustration
  • » infographics & information design
  • » type & typography
  • » logo & poster design
  • » folder & calendar design
  • » letterhead & business card design
  • » brochures & promotional materials
  • » banners, xbanners & backdrops
  • » exhibition/event booths, point of sale
    & product display design
  • » vehicle wraps, signange
    & large format design